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  1. Why Chelsea will still win the EPL this season

    So it’s no secret that Chelsea lost to Atletico Madrid but it seems the media have the club all figured out. The headlines read as follows, ‘Falcao DESTROYED the Blues’,’One man team DEFEAT Chelsea’. The fact is, football is a game where teams win and loose-you would think the critics and fans would have understood that by now.

    The simple truth is that Chelsea are a big club and yes we have money in our back pocket and yes we have all the resources to beat just about anyone on the pitch but does that mean we should get slaughtered when we don’t win? Answer:YES! If Chelsea are to seriously contend for the EPL then we need to be super critical when the team looses. We need to dig out problems and flaws, rectify them and try not to repeat the same mistakes. We can sit debating what mistakes the team make all day when they played Atletico made but the fact remains that we lost.Chelsea were brought back to reality that any team can beat anyone-even us, with the squad so full of superstars.

    We shouldn’t walk around like we the best because we”ll loose. We should remain calm, find solutions to our defensive problems and the rest will come together. We have all the ingridents to have a sucessful season, to win the EPL, we just need to expose those ingridents and add them to the dish rather than just asssume we have them.

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