Aug 162012

Premiership giants Chelsea are now closer than ever to sign Brazilian star Hulk, after the strong striker has declared his interest to leave the Portuguese league after returning from the Olympics. Chelsea are now hot favourites to sign the Porto striker but you will need to check the Sportsbook reviews and more sports information to find out how short the price is right now.

The newly Olympic silver medalist has kept his promise to only speak about his future after the London games, and with the major event now over, Hulk has admitted that it’s time for him to move on and leave Porto behind, despite rumours saying that he wouldn’t be interested in a move away from the Portuguese league.

“It is the right time for me to leave,” The Hulk said. “I’d rather play in England or Spain, because they are the most watched championships in the world.”

Hulk’s move to Chelsea is still nothing certain, but with his strong desire to leave and with Abramovich’s weird obsession for the Brazilian, his move to the Stanford Bridge seems very likely, especially given the fact that Chelsea officials have been watching the striker during the Olympics.

Oscar’s move to Chelsea might also help Hulk decide, the only problem remaining now is whether Chelsea can meet the transfer fee Porto will be asking for the prolific hitman.

  28 Responses to “Chelsea Closer To Signing Hulk Than Ever Before”

  1. The price has always been the obstacle so this is no news,is just the same old news with a different headline!!!

  2. Get the hulk please

  3. i saw schruller against argentina, that boy is wonderfull.lets av him and hulk then forget about cavani. Get alex song to play the role that we av seen to be difficult for mikel and lampard and finally a left back in the name kyle walker.chelsea fans wont demand more than that. Chelsea for life.

  4. Wat a happily mood, chelsea get me dis guy in next five days to dis time. Alwayz blue

  5. Same old news.. Tired of u repeatin same news all ova

  6. get hulk quickly

  7. Pls any story about had tired my hearing stop the story until everything is beyond reasonable doubt pls

  8. No day has pass without this hulk news.somebody pls tell me what is big deal about him??????? Tired of this same old story.

  9. i think we only need cavani and Azpilicueta not hulk he will be useless

  10. let chelsea buy cavani and forget about hulk, cavani is 100 percent better than hulk

  11. Get Cavani if hulk is too expensive.

  12. old wine in a new bottle. we are tired of this old news being re-branded and given new headings everyday. Let’s go for Cavani instead if Porto are refusing to sell. After all buying players depend on which of them that are available. So if the preferable is not available, the available must be preferable. Case cloase

  13. Not a new story, old story with a different heading. It is One among deals that will complete on the transfer dateline day.

  14. I dont want to hear this again what i want to hear is that chelsea have signed him same old story am tired of hearing it over and over again@wizhoney

  15. when other clubs are buying no stories, but whenever it’s chelsea’s time to buy ,waoooo, we keep on hearin too much story n rumor. I don’t know what my club is waitin 4, seal moses deal first n move ahead in signing other players. I’m sick…

  16. The price asked for by porto is a great hindrance for the deal. infact buying any player for too many million pounds should be stopped. If cavani should accept a wage within a hundred thousand, let porto keep their hulk.

  17. Pls chelsea for get about hulk or cavani don’t waste ur money on them, sign moses and den ba from newcastle that,s all.pls live cavani alone pls babaolowo up chelsea for life.

  18. Let get dis guyz once nd 4all…i wont cavano,hulk nd moses….chelsea get dis 3 despirate guyz nd let keep d ball rollin in England”BLUEZ”

  19. Not a new story. please be fasttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  20. We need Hulk to be 100% sure of our up front this season. So what ever it will take just get Hulk up De matteo.

  21. Plz I’m so tired for dis crab, new story 2day new headin 2morrow’ when did chelsea turn 2 dis SHIT; get dis HULK nd stop dis rumour. Sick nd it’s pissin me off buddy

  22. We need four [4] more players. Yes 4 ,4 ,4. Cavani, Hulk, Moses and Azpculita. So that we can have a strong bennch and will not get tired towards the end of the season like last season.

  23. We need a forward immediately,hulk is the best option,sign him now!!!!

  24. He is d right man @ d moment but not wit the price porto are asking for.

  25. Hulk would be more useful at the premiership than Cavani.

  26. B’cos we don’t need just a striker but a strong, rugged & powerful one in the mood of Didier Drogba.

  27. Apart from that, Cavani may be too arrogant judging by his demand to be placed on the same salary scale with old & senior chelsea players of the team.

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