Chelsea goalkeeper tapping up Radamel Falcao in Moscow?

There have been some strange Chelsea transfer stories around despite the window being shut completely, but surely the strangest one is the extremely tenuous link reported by the Mail after the Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois posted a photo of himself and Radamel Falcao in Moscow.

Now we know that Roman Abramovich is Russian, but the two are not in Moscow to enter the world of gaming in some of Abramovich’s casino haunts or to play free slots in their spare time, they are actually there to play a football game with their team-mates of Atletico Madrid!

Okay it is quite possible that Courtois may have been telling Falcao about life at Chelsea at some point on their travels, but considering the Belgium keeper was loaned out to the Spanish side on the same day that Chelsea signed him from Racing Genk, he can hardly be telling the Colombian striker about living life in London with his Chelsea team-mates!

Courtois has been playing in the same team as Falcao for two seasons now, and has been very impressive in his 60 appearances for Atletico (but maybe not as noticable as Falcao) and I would be very keen to see them both playing together for Chelsea in the next couple of seasons, but to take that photograph and turn it into a Chelsea transfer rumour must be the flimsiest one I have ever seen.

Atletico, in fact, could end up meeting Chelsea in the Europa League at some point, but only if the Spanish side manage to come back from losing 2-0 in the first leg in Spain, and I don’t think there is much chance of that to be honest unless Falcao is in devastating form….

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