Nov 142012

Ballon d´or nominee Radamal Falcao has been in the press this week, talking about some of the speculation that has been in the papers recently.

He told Radio Caracol: ‘The chance of playing in another league and for another club will come. I keep dreaming. I know that in time I would like to go to a different team. But I have three more years left on my contract with Atletico.
‘There are dreams that I have met and others that I am achieving now. I dream of reaching the World Cup with Colombia, and also to keep winning with my club.
‘In my head I have these objectives, they are very clear. I can’t think after these objectives.

The Columbian then goes on to say: ‘The reason I don’t play in the Europa League is because of a technical decision by Atletico boss Diego Simeone, not because I’m leaving in January. It’s just a precaution. I am not friends with Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. But when I see them on the field, I exchange words with the two.
‘The dream is always there. The Premier League is an interesting league but I have a few years left on my contract with Atletico and I’m just focusing on Atletico.”

La Liga pundit Gerry Armstrong was quoted on the radio as saying he believes that a partnership of Fernando Torres and Falcao would be “something special”. saying that Falcao is the “best number 9 in the world” and urged Chelsea to do all they can to bring the striker in.

Meanwhile Ex-Chelsea player/manager Ruud Gullit has spoken out as well: “They wanted to give Torres a chance. Has he taken it? I don’t know.
“What he had done in the past at Liverpool and at Atletico was unbelievable. And he can’t do it for some reason. I don’t know why, I have no clue. It’s a mystery.
“But if he can’t do it then Chelsea need to do something else.”

So whether you agree with Gerry or Ruud, we need a goal scorer, and I doubt anyone could say no to bringing Falcao in, but I cant personally see RDM reverting back to playing two strikers. He needs to do something…

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  1. im srry 4 torres but he must go !! 2 years of waiting are a lot 4 a team like that !! if he stays at the club we will not even win a trophie !! we could have won against liverpool QPR and man utd !! i love him and respect him !! but thats a lot of time !! we need just a striker lukaku falcao i dont know !! rdm knows shurly who he wants !! but with torres its just )::::: !! <3 fernando torres <3 but plz leave us !! its for your own best

  2. Falcao you are welcome everyone is waiting for you at Stanford Bridge

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