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The Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao tore Chelsea apart in the European Super Cup on Friday, and now it seems that he is extremely keen on joining the Blues during the January transfer window. In fact his father (and agent) says that it is “very likely”.

Falcao’s father (also called Radamel) revealed in the Daily Mail: There are three teams interested - Manchester City, Chelsea and a Russian team,’

‘Falcao has always wanted to play in the Premier League.

‘Ever since he was a boy he has loved Chelsea and has always thought it would be an honour to play for a big Premier League team.’

‘I don’t want to talk about any pre-agreements,’.

‘I spoke to Falcao very briefly yesterday. The minimum release clause in his contract with Atletico Madrid is about 55million Euros, but Falcao doesn’t want to talk figures.’

And when pressed on whether a move was expected as soon as January, Falcao senior confirmed: ‘Yes, it’s very likely.’

This is great news for Chelsea fans, and a quick look at today’s football betting sites sees Chelsea as the hot 2/1 favourites to sign Falcao in January, while moneybags Man City are second faves at 7/1. Barcelona at 9/1 are the only other club under 10/1…….

Get in there Chelsea!!!!

  27 Responses to “Falcao admits he could move to Chelsea in January”

  2. I hope this is not paper talks? I wont be hppy for anything less dan falcao in january. Wish he comes
  3. falcao is a very strong and good striker… I thinks he can fit 2 chelsea pertern of playin because his finishing is like dat of drogba…it wil be a good signin and i also believ torres needs competition…
  4. falcao is the man,i have been watching him since he was in porto and i wanted him to join blues unfortunately he went to madrid but now we’ll get him he is the best striker to me and for chelsea….go falcao join the wining team.
  5. Falcao to Chelsea? That will be wonderfull
  6. holding the ball in midfield without losing it is the key to success. If we cnt defend starting from cdm, we wont win games even with falcao,messi and ronaldo in the team. So most important players we want are midfield dynamos like schwansteiger,fellaini,javi martinez etc
  7. Holding midfielders is what the blues need now
  8. Hope dz is nt rumour, it wil b fantastic 2 have Falcao in d squad.
  9. we hv beta players wat we nid is reoganization in d midfield
  10. all chelsea fans wish the deal should be done in january transfer window and the deal should be closed at 40 million pounds that that we shouldnt come under uefa finacial fair play and with toress combination falcao will be super but chelsea should adapt the fast track play because toress and falcao are fast and skill players up to january sturridge will be helpful for chelsea and they should use hime for best it shouldnt be a false statement it should be true statement for us that deal has agreed please abhramovic get these guy in january transfer window even if player swap is neede give sturridge and get falcao
  11. Get falcao 4 us
  12. The signing of falcao in chelsea jan transfer market will bring improvement 2 d club.
  13. I think chelsea need a midfielder more than a striker right now that capable to hold and play the ball rather than a back-passer midfielder that slow down the gameplay.
  14. falcao will b a good combinatn wt torres upfront,plz roman get us our man.
  15. £40 m and torres going the other way! :)
  16. Facao is a deadly preferable striker by any club in d word includin chelsea cuz he is worth any amount, bot defenders n keeper are always affraid of him, i guess chelsea some body like him, i will b d happiest man on earth, if facao put on blue, d otoka of blues
  17. Chelsea shuld get dat guy as soon as possible becos other clubs need him so Abramovic you know wot to do and do it fast before time runs out.
  18. Falcoa is the right man only the right striker that shall cause problems to Chelsea opponents by scoring goals against them…if it happens for him to be at Stafford brigde this January. I would love to see at Stafford with his talents and skills of scoring!!!falcoa oyeeeeeeeeeeei!!
  19. If falcao go to Chelsea.. Then im a Chelsea fan for life.. ( atletico fan)
  20. If city gest him , were f….ed!! By him now
  21. Chelsea and Di, the coach should run as soon as posible to buy that guy so that chelsea will be more better. The Blues 4 life carry on
  22. Chelsea should get the tiger and should not allow to collect it from them because all defender fears him
  23. i hope that we buy falcoa so that our attacting force could be ok.and then so that torres can be serious for GOD sick.
  24. It will be fantastic to have Fernando Torres and Falcao
  25. I fink falcao and tores will make a good up front. But my warnin to RDM/IBRAM, is to make the move to get him before other clubs split money on him… Up blues, up chelsea and up falcao, up mako marin, up hazerd……..
  26. chelsea is a great club
  27. Hope this is not rumours and if it’s not that will be awsome and chelsea will be unstoppable go and get him SIR ABRAHAM,nothing that could pleased me that seeing him wearing the proud colour jersey BLUEZ in january all hail chelsea all hail the blue all hail ROMAN ABRAHIMOVIC.

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