Jul 122014

When the World Cup began, many Chelsea fans were hoping that a Blue would become one of the tournament’s heroes. Some were confident that it would be Oscar that shined, others thought it would be Eden Hazard. A few over- optimistic England fans even considered it might be Gary Cahill. [...]

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Jul 112014

Much of the post-match debate about how exactly Brazil contrived to lose so badly to Germany has centred on the role of one man – former Chelsea favourite David Luiz. It seems that his performance–come–walkabout at the centre of the Brazilian defence (well, theoretically at the centre, if not in [...]

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Jul 112014

After winning both the FA Cup and League at youth level, it begs the question “when will Chelsea give youth a chance?” The club isn’t known for producing too many talents but it has produced a few notable players. John Terry is an example of such players but he is [...]

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