Almost Done – Chelsea Agrees £200,000-A-Week With UCL Winner

Chelsea's Mourinho reacts during their English Premier League soccer match at Stamford Bridge

Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea executives are talking to extend his contract, which is effective through 2017 [BBC].  During Mourinho’s first run at the club, from 2004-2007, he led Chelsea to their first top flight English title in 50 years. In the three year span, he won two league Cups, and F.A. Cup, and a Premier League Title. After falling out with owner Roman Abramovich, Mourinho lest Stamford Bridge for Inter Milan, where he won his second Champions League. After leaving Inter for Real Madrid in 2010, Mourinho was thought to be at the pinnacle of his career. He left Madrid, because he didn’t feel right there, and when the job at Chelsea came up again, he returned, signing a four year-deal.

José Mourinho treated the 2013-2014 campaign as a rebuilding process at Chelsea, signing Cesc Fàbregas and Diego Costa in the summer, two key players in Chelsea’s success in the 2014/2015 season. Fàbregas was playing at his boyhood club, Barcelona, where he dreamt of playing as a young boy. Mourinho had to convince him to join Chelsea over Arsenal, and staying at Barcelona.

He did so by tempting him with trophy opportunities.  Diego Costa has similar ambitions, wanting to be at the top of the football world. Mourinho showed him the top of the world last Sunday, when Chelsea won the biggest title in the biggest league. Mourinho has done wonders for every club he has been at, and is considered one of the greatest managers in the world.

The fact Abramovich wants to extend his contract is good news, and that Mourinho wants to stay at the club is great news. He stated in an interview earlier in the season, that there is no next step for him, and he plans to stay at Chelsea for as long as he can.

Chelsea fans should hope for Mourinho to extend his contract, because the longer he is at Stamford Bridge, the longer Chelsea will win. Fans should be grateful for all he has done for our club, and he can win every title.

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