Benitez you joke! Chelsea lose at West Ham

Chelsea just lost 3-1 away at West Ham, after leading 1-0 at the half-time mark.

Chelsea we’re the best team of the first half, and scoring through some good build up play with Moses putting Torres through, who in turn found Juan Mata with a good pass, for the Spaniard to shoot and score.

Chelsea we’re cruising until West Ham brought Mohamed Diame, who used his strength to change the game.

West Ham scored early in the second half, with Carlton Cole climbing all over Ivanovic to get his head to the ball, with Cech stood still in the centre of the goal. How the Referee and linesman missed this foul I do not know…

Mata then had a free-kick from around 25 yards, hit the inside of the post and bounce away to be cleared.

Eden Hazard had been in blistering form, with lots of forward running, making the West Ham defence and keeper work hard. So no surprise that Benitez took him off. Bad decision number 1.

Benitez then takes Victor Moses off, who personally was Chelsea’s best player for most of the match, to be replaced by Marko Marin.

After these changes, Chelsea failed to hold possession for large parts of the game, and West Ham turned possession into goals in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Ramires peels of Diame in the box to double up on Carlton Cole, who finds Diame in space, for Diame to shoot hard and low through Ivanovic’s legs and just past Cech’s outstretched right leg.

West Ham killed off the game in injury time, with Ashley Cole losing the ball, leaving Carlton Cole using his strength to create the chance, putting through Mark Noble who forces a save from Cech, who parries it out to Maiga to finish thr rebound.

How Rafa can explain himself for taking off the two Chelsea players who had caused the most threat, is oblivious to me. What a joke! I didn’t think I could hate Rafa any more than I did this morning. I was wrong!

  1. Johnny says

    I don’t think it was a bad decision to take hazard off,squad rotation is important…west-ham wouldve won even if hazard and moses stayed on because both of them wouldve got tired.Chelsea should have taken their chances in the first half.

  2. don't even ask cos am upset says

    Chelsea team are full of overated players to be sincere the chelsea scout linking these players should be firstly sacked cos they are not competent. Execpt fernando who had proved before he was one of the goal machine, ramires, hazard, mikel, moses and co have not gotten a history of proven goal scorers how in the hell we will not lack goals if all these players don’t know how to put the ball at the back of the net …… all what they are good at is just how to pass the ball nothing more. Lest I forget before some people start banging on my coment about mentioning harzard looking at his pasts record he scored most of his goals from penalty spot so not a proven goal scorer to me too … hate these overated players

  3. mario says

    “Eden Hazard had been in blistering form, with lots of forward running, making the West Ham defence and keeper work hard. So no surprise that Benitez took him off. Bad decision number 1.”
    hazard blistering in form??? then you as a fan you deserve what happened today; hazard is one reason why chelsea is here today, his ineffective runs, he cannot shoot, cannot penetrate taking people one on one (or does not do it even if he could); i would exchange him with cazorla any given time; he locked £32 m, he is a major cause of concern for me; to me -so far with a few exceptions- he only can fall on his belly looking at the ref ..

    BUT the main cause of concern is torres, he will take chelsea down, it is happening; i always thought that a striker that can only assist but not score will affect his team in tight games, but here we are it even destroys the team in regular games; we are sinking!
    but it is NOT torres to blame, to blame are THOSE who thought they can tie their hands and give it all to torres!! remember, when that statement that torres will have it all the next season was made just after munich when torres was not even started, how can you trust him with the whole seasons 2012-2013 then ?????????? crazy crazy chelsea management decision!
    if you spend £50m on a player and he is a flop, if you play him only because he cost you £50, then do not buy £50 m expensive players again; that £50 m in fact is taking the ship down ..

    still blaming rafa?
    ok fine, but put on a list before him a few others first;

    by the way, why do not chelsea players take their chances??
    who is to blame for that ??

    2 new strikers would do so much good to chelsea …

  4. Jaymac says

    The present Chelsea team are just a ‘middle table team’ masquerading in the name of a former top Chelsea team.One wonders if Abramovich could really be blamed for sacking coaches,it’s very painful to watch a team that some of its players cost as much as 30 to 50 million pounds,of which many of these teams beating them and drawing with them did not spent up to 40 million pounds on their entire squad.It’s really a shame! Why buy one player fifty million when a number of good players that cost just about 3-4 million could even do much better than him on regular basis? If I were the owner may be I’ll not only sack the coach but also some of the under performing players such as the ’50 million man’ should be benched and be sold at the slightest opportunity!!

  5. Musa Hassanat says

    Benitez is a failed coach. Abrahamovic has also failed us. He thinks technical decision can be taken alone on bed overnite without any advice from d outside! Na dem sabi ooooo

  6. Ajisafe Dayo says

    Im happy at d defeat as a chelsea fanz. I think Abrahamovic can now sleep and have a rethink of hw he takes technical decisionz!

  7. m Makole says

    Abrahamovic must have learnt a lesson for the rest of his life. Discontentment is not just ingratitude but the first step to a fall. He should start looking at the club from different perspective, analalyse events and strike a balanced decision. I am certainly happy for Roberto Di Matteo. He can pass tru stamford bridge with his head held high.
    I have the believe that chelsea can convert some of their players to strikers and they will inspiringly STRIKE BETTER

  8. CHIMA says

    I think mr Ibrahimovic has learnt something 4rm xterday game,by changing his style sacking managers 4 1 reason or d other

  9. Poi1 says

    Its painful we are loosing games, but as fans we should be positive and encourage our team. We are loosing games not because managers are sacked, or our players are not competent but because we are changing our style of play into more promising football. Its a pattern that has to do with more of team combination. It doesn’t matter how much the players were bought but rather they are here now and there is no going back. They must work as a team and beat or get beaten. Now we play good football like arsenal, and berca but we need our experienced players “J terry, lampard, cech, cole, ivanovich, mikel etc” to boost and motivate the young stars. Ask berca if they could win games without puyol, iniesta, xavi, even fabrigas was an addtion to the club not selling off their big players. Arsenal would have been fantastic if they had maintain their big names. They “young stars” play better wen they have their mentors behind them, to caoch on the pitch wen the manager is far from them. They need to be told u can do it, go forward or retreat, and J terry does that very well. I still remain a faithful blues!

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