Referee Mark Clattenburg to sue Chelsea FC

After the FA concluded that there was a lack of evidence, as well as contradictory statements, to charge Mark Clattenburg over the alleged racism row, the referee´s union Prospect are now going to try and sue Chelsea FC on behalf of Mark Clattenburg.

The referee makes his return to action this weekend, as fourth official for the West Ham Versus Tottenham game, his first game back officiating since October 28.

Prospect claim that they are pursuing this case on two grounds, both that the allegation has affected Clattenburg’s life and professional standing, and in order to deter any such claims being made public in the future.

‘I don’t know if we get an apology from Chelsea. I hope we will. It would be the classy thing to do, it would be the right thing to do more importantly.

‘There needs to be a recognition that Mark’s reputation has been tarnished, been dragged through the mud, his integrity has been impugned and it’s unfortunate that the Chelsea statement makes not a scintilla of recognition of the damage that has been done to Mark.

‘Chelsea didn’t need to do what they did in the way that they did it. They could have kept the reporting of the incident confidential and they didn’t need to pursue it once they’d realised that the only evidence they had was the statement of Ramires when there was contradictory evidence.’

This is a complete joke, Clattenburg wants his payout, when the FA’s investigation doesn’t claim he was wrongly accused, just that there was insignificant evidence. The referee might be innocent in the eyes of the law, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t say it. Just as we appear to be able to sweep this under the carpet and get on with our football, this happens…

  1. Milamjoe says

    Useless and evil FA.

  2. Gary says

    The FA were clear on this saying: “In this case, the player and club were correct in reporting the matter to the FA and it was appropriate and proper for such an allegation to be thoroughly investigated.” Chelsea don’t owe an apology, they were doing what was required by the FA.

  3. lucky says

    Mark Clattenburg does not deserve any apology or compensation from Chelsea management because television replay shows that he was saying something while covering his mouth at the same time. If actually, he is not saying bad words to Mikel why is he covering his mouth? From the replay, you will see that the sentence were very long and he claimed to say shut alone, which is lie. The management have to accept the decision of the FA in good faith because it is already affecting our games. All the subsequent matches played so far we have alot of penalties that was never given which i believe that the Referee Association have planned against Chelsea.

  4. notjustdad says

    So, if Mark Clattenburg, or the refs union on his behalf, can sue Chelsea… can Chelsea — or individual players — sue Mark Clattenburg or other refs for erroneously sending a player off and causing his reputation to be tarnished and to potentially lose earnings in the shape of bonuses due to suspension? No. Didn’t think so!

    Further, this whole thing became public because Sky Sports hounded the Chelsea press office for information as they had heard something about a racists comment/remark. They even put out bulletins on TalkSport through the evening BEFORE anything was released by the club!

  5. Stan says

    Sue Chelsea? On what grounds? Does he plan an apology to Chelsea supporters for having been the ManU’s MVP?

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