Should Chelsea Fight To Keep Kakuta?

Chelsea’s young wonderkid Gael Kakuta is likely to leave the Premiership after a lengthy period in which he fell short of impressing. Currently on loan at Bolton Wonderers he’s due to return to Chelsea, but Dijon’s manager Patrice Carteron wants to rid the Blues of him and given his performances it’s unlikely that Andres Villas-Boas will oppose to that.

“We have a verbal agreement with the player but nothing has been officially signed,” Carteron said

“My idea is not to sign players for the sake of it. We want to strengthen the squad, not just replace players.

“Gael Kakuta is a rough diamond, someone who can bring us something extra.”

The French youngster managed some extraordinary results with France’s youth team and those promoted him to Chelsea, but ever since joining the Premiership the winger was on a descending direction. His form and skills proved to be less than what was expected of him, and despite several loans he still couldn’t impose himself.

Even though he’s now 20 years old he only got 4 apps for Bolton so far this season and he hasn’t improved much, so the best thing for his career is to go somewhere he can play weekly.

  1. Not me says

    The lad needs to be given a chance, been one of our best prospects for years. Send him somewhere where he will play at very least.

  2. emmanuel says

    That would be the greatest mistake chelsea would do if they let kakuta go. I wondered why they let michael macienne leave

  3. cash says

    Agree he has not had a chance, neither at Chelsea nor Fulham nor Bolton.
    Even with Fulham he scored a couple with the little time he got.
    I really hope Bolton are relegated for taking Gael and not using him. Given regular starts, he will produce the goods. There is too much talent there for him to be passed on.
    Will be a tremendous shame if that is what happens.

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