Why Chelsea Can Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Days ago, the internet was agog with excitement at the news that one of football’s best ever players, Cristiano Ronaldo could be heading to the premier league. The particular club he was rumoured to be heading to, was a source of chatter amongst football fans because instead of the coming home story to Manchester United, his rumoured destination was Chelsea.

This rumour left some Manchester United fans fuming, as they always assumed that if the time ever came when he chose to leave Real Madrid, the famous number 7 would consider Only Old Trafford. This situation raises the question; does loyalty exist in football anymore?

When Romelu Lukaku, former Chelsea striker visited Stamford Bridge for the first time, he shed tears of joy. He had finally visited the home of his dream club. Almost a decade later, he had signed for them, rarely ever played for them, and eventually signed on to another club in a space of just 3years.

Cesc Fabregas was at Arsenal at age 17 and already in the first team, captained the side for years and then later forced a move to Barcelona and even offered to pay a portion of the transfer fee to facilitate the move.

Frank Lampard received threats from a couple of Chelsea supporters after his loan move to Manchester City was announced. He is arguably Chelsea’s most decorated legend. In his first interview after joining the ‘noisy neighbours’, he stated that he loved Chelsea but was however now a committed City player.

Is this situation a case of players thinking too much of themselves and less of the club? In a sense, that’s exactly what it is. However the question to ask is; why wouldn’t they? Most fans are interested in football on deep emotional level. More than any of them are in their day to day work. I think what most fans fail to realize is that for many of these players, football is a job and nothing else. Spurs Full back Asou Ekotto gave an interview stating that he only plays football because it pays well. He added that he didn’t particularly like it.

Another question to ask is if an average employee who’s been with an establishment or many years is offered a better working environment and two times the pay check, would he take it? The answer, nine times out of ten is a yes.

Having said that; loyalty in football still exists albeit in a few players. Steven Gerard got a mouth watering wage offer from Chelsea which he turned down, while Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Jamie Carragher, stayed with their respective clubs for their entire football careers.

So the questions to ask are;

  • Would Christaino Ronaldo go to Chelsea to instantly become the highest paid player in the world? Yes.
  • Would Real Madrid sell a 30 year old declining player, now riddled with injuries and then much later snap up Eden Hazard or Marco Reus? Yes.
  • Would Chelsea buy ‘CR7’ the most famous footballer still playing football, to boost their brand, attract more lucrative sponsorships and still get some world class performances? The answer is of course yes.

The potential Ronaldo deal makes sense for all parties. I see no reason why it can’t happen.

  1. George says

    I think reuss is more needed in Chelsea than cr7,very strong guy that suit Chelsea pattern of play like costa!!! Mark my words

  2. smarth Onyeije says

    I must you that i prefer Eden Hazard than C. Ronaldo for now, chelsea should not go and do that mistake or that exchange. Reason 1 he is older than hazard 2. Chelsea will be paying heighest paid in the word and 3. There’s no benefit, it’s a lost.

  3. dennis says

    chelsea’s new brand is fully investing on youngstars.Why go for ageing injury prone CR7

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