Why Chelsea Should Beat Manchester United To Luke Shaw Signing

At just 18 years of age, Luke Shaw has emerged as one of the most sought after players in English football this summer. He already has 60 premier league games under his belt at such a young age, and looks certain to be another success story from Southampton’s impressive youth academy.

The recent use of David Azpilicueta at left back paired with the imminent departure of Ashley Cole from the club has left a hole that needs to be filled, and with two home grown players leaving already this summer, it should preferably be filled by another. Shaw is an attacking full back, likening him to the style of Ashley Cole in his prime. He is sure to grow into a fantastic player, and when the other options for the left back spot are analysed, he seems the most sensible option, too.

No good young left back will come cheap, that much is clear. However with the only options being Rodriguez and Filipe Luis (the latter already in the prime of his career), home grown and boyhood Chelsea fan Shaw would bring the most value for our cash. At the tender age of 18, he could provide us with at least a solid 15 years playing time, which would not only earn us our initial investment back, it would also mean we have the country’s best left back (again).

The reasons against us signing Shaw are simple: the cost. However I think it’s clear that we have more than enough money to use this summer. With the recent sales of Luiz, Mata and De Bruyne, and the typical £60-80m that we more often than not are able to spend during the summer, we could find ourselves with a transfer chest of around the £150m mark. This would allow us to sign Shaw and at least 2 strikers, plus an additional and much needed centre mid to partner Matic, all whilst complying with FFP.

Shaw is opportunity that we should not pass up. This is because it’s clear that this sort of full back doesn’t come around a lot. The last home grown left back with Shaw’s level of potential was a certain Ashley Cole, and what a player he was for us throughout his time at the club.

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