Ramires defends Chelsea from Brazilian criticism

Chelsea have been getting some stick from various places for their tactics during the Champion’s league campaign. The latest has come from Brazil but Chelsea’s dynamic Brazilian midfielder has been quick to defend the Blues, Having set up a goal for Drogba in the first leg against Barcelona, and scored Chelsea’s goal of the season in the second leg, Ramires was not going to let people denigrate Chelsea’s achievements.

The coach of Brazilian side Corinthians was criticized for playing a well organized and defensive two games against Santos that got his team to the final. He responded by saying “Corinthians don’t play like Chelsea, Corinthians don’t do anti-football.”

Ramires told Radio Estadao “This anti-football is not Chelsea’s style, we only played that way in those games against Barcelona.” He went on to tell them that Chelsea had played expansively against plenty of other teams last season but that Roberto Di Matteo had watched lots of Barcelona games and decided that Chelsea’s approach was the only way to beat them. It is known as TACTICS.

Do people really expect you to play against every team the same way? Would you not, then, be called naive and one-dimensional? We all love to see flowing football, but we also love to win.

Ramires also reminded Chelsea’s critics that Jose Mourinho sets up his Real Madrid side in a similar way against Barcelona. He and his team are being hailed as one of the best in the world ever after winning the Spanish league and the domestic cup. Even they know that Barcelona will pass them off the park if allowed.

Brazilian World cup winner Tostao said “They are organized and efficient. They are short on talent.”

Ramires replied “If we always win playing that way, I’ll choose to win.”

Me too Ramires. Come on you Blues!


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