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AVB: Chelsea had to sack me

Current Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas has finally admitted that Chelsea had to sack him for a change in results. AVB was sacked after only 8 months in charge, despite Roman Abramovich paying Porto €15Million to break his contract and getting the Ex-Porto manager to sign a five-year deal. The Portuguese manager tried to shuffle the

Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas blasts Chelsea hierarchy

Ex-Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has started the mind games early in the battle for third place, with the Portuguese manager claiming Chelsea have no long-term plans. The Spurs boss was sacked after only 9 months into a 5 year deal, in which he had been promised time to build his own team to fit his

Villas-Boas: “Extremely unfair” that Chelsea have joined Spurs in Europa League

Current Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas has complained about UEFA regulations that “reward” clubs “failure” in the Champions League group stages, specifically Chelsea’s inclusion in the Europa League round-of-32. Andre Villas-Boas has claimed his former club Chelsea should not be rewarded for Champions League failure by playing in the Europa League. But the ex-Stamford Bridge