Mar 042013

Chelsea will definitely have a new manager next season. Rafa Benitez even admitted as much in his much publicisedrant last week. The fact that his job title was interim manager was a bit of a clue as well. The question is, who will it be. Earlier in the season it was widely thought that Roman Abramovich had arranged with the former boss of Barcelona to come to Stamford Bridge after his year away from football. Pep Guardiola surprised everyone, however, by taking the job at Bayern Munich.

There are lots of reports in the media about possible replacements for Benitez, but there is also a belief that some managers are wary of taking the job because of the recent history at the club. Abramovich is seen as way too keen to wield the axe, especially after the Di Matteo scandal. One man who has the confidence in his own ability not to worry about that, is also the man who most Chelsea fans would love to see back at the club, Jose Mourinho.

Petr Cech has been speaking about the possible return of the special one, and it is clear that the keeper would be delighted to see him take over again.

“We had fantastic success with him, so why not? He is a fantastic manager.

“Of course the fans sing his name. Jose Mourinho did a fantastic job for the club and people loved him, so he rightly deserved that.”

PSG are apparently trying to persuade Mourinho to move to France at the end of the season, but I am sure Abramovich could convince him to come to London instead. Will it happen, and if not, who should be the new boss?

Jun 222012

When Pep Guardiola announced that he wanted a break from football after managing Barcelona for four years, he was already the most successful coach in the club’s history. No wonder that Roman Abramovich tried to persuade him to cut short his sabbatical and oversee the new Chelsea revolution.

Of course, Di Matteo now has the job and a two year contract, but reports suggest that he might not be the manager for those two years. Guardiola has been approached by a number of big clubs, including Bayern Munich, but he has not spoken to any of them. Does he know something that we don’t? All the best betting sites have Chelsea favourites to be his next coaching job already.

“Five or six big clubs have asked about him but he doesn’t want to hear about it. Maybe things will be different in February or March.” His agent has stated.

In fact, the only person he has spoken to is Roman Abramovich. Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and if he said he needed a break, then he needed a break. He would not be trying to get out of a contract to join a bigger club because there aren’t any.

He does, however want to try his hand in England. The new deal for TV rights in the Premier league is set to make English clubs the richest in the world. Guardiola could oversee Chelsea for years to come and make them the best team the world has ever seen.

In a years time, we could be seeing Guardiola’s first signing, Lionel Messi.

May 302012

It is all happening at Chelsea at the minute. No sooner is it revealed that the most talked about player of the moment, Eden Hazard, has decided to pick Chelsea over Manchester United and City, then rumours of a £40 million offer for Hulk hits the press.

Porto were standing firm over their star striker, but Metro reports that Hulk has told the club he wants to leave and He is thought to be heading for Stamford Bridge. He has been at Porto since 2008 and has a record of 52 league goals in 96 games. He is the only player ever to have won the Portuguese player of the month six times. Fast and strong, he is seen as the best possible replacement for Didier Drogba.

Real Madrid were thought to be the main rivals for the signature of 19-year old Brazilian midfield star Lucas Moura. Reports from Brazil, however, claim that Mourinho thinks that the youngster needs another year in Brazil with Sao Paulo. A bid of £32 million was rejected last week but it should not take much more to make him a Chelsea player.

Finally, the managerial situation at Stamford Bridge may be about to be resolved. Roman Abramovich is eager to speak to Pep Guardiola again, and is said to be going to offer the Spaniard a massive £11 million a year to manage the Blues.

These are definitely exciting times at the club.

May 302012

The Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich must have said something to impress Pep Guardiola. The 41-year old announced that he was stepping down after four years managing FC Barcelona. He was exhausted, he said, and was planning a year out of football to recharge his batteries.

Jose Mourinho reacted with scorn, saying that he was older, had managed for longer and was not tired, but he was not a footballer for long and never played at a decent level. Whatever, Guardiola’s mind was made up and Barcelona appointed his assistant as the new manager.

Abramovich thought that he might as well talk to Guardiola before he made his decision about who would be managing Chelsea next season. Maybe he would be able to persuade him to commit to Chelsea after his lay-off and so whoever was offered the job, it would only be for a year. Pep then said that he might cut short his break if a club was to tempt him.

Roman is planning to tempt him alright, £11 million a year and renewed vigour in the transfer market. Eden Hazard is already on his way to Stamford Bridge and Chelsea are planning to fight Manchester City all the way. Winning the Champion’s league seems to have given Abramovich a new lease of life. You do have to feel a little sorry for Roberto Di Matteo, but he has now got a great CV.

Come on you Blues

May 272012

Chelsea’s search for a full-time manager continues, and according to the latest rumours the one Abramovich wants most is former Barcelona boss Josep Guardiola.

Today’s Mirror Football claim that a source close to Chelsea has stated that Abramovich is even willing to wait one year for Guardiola if that’s what it will take to bring the Spaniard to the club.

Guardiola declared that he wants to take a break from managing after a very consuming time at Barcelona, and that few can tempt him to get back into action before taking that break. The source seems to think that Di Matteo or Redknapp would be good partial replacements, and that the both of them would love spending a year coaching the Stamford Bridge side.

“Abramovich is willing to have ¬Guardiola parked for a year if it means getting him. He will play the long game if he has to. Di Matteo and Harry Redknapp are options for one year.”

Guardiola is the most wanted coach of the moment after leaving Barcelona following the immense success he managed to have with the Catalan side, turning it from a (very) good team into the best Europe has potentially ever seen.

May 252012

Good news for Chelsea, but not so good for Roberto Di Matteo, is the news coming out of Spain that Barcelona’s departing manager Pep Guardiola, may be willing to manage another team next year.

The 41-year old manager has been with Barcelona for four years and orchestrated the most successful period in the club’s history. He had told the Spanish press that he needed a year out of football, and has been succeeded by his assistant Tito Vilanova.

Tonight, Pep coaches Barcelona for the last time in the Spanish cup final. Speaking before the match, he said “For the next month I have to charge my batteries. I will rest and I will wait. I will be ready, if one club wants me, if they seduce me, I will train again.”

Roman Abramovich is known to be a great fan of Guardiola’s and is believed to have already sounded him out. Maybe something he said has changed his mind. If we can persuade Guardiola to come, who’s next? Messi?

May 042012

Chelsea’s second transfer of the season might be an awful one for the Blues, as they face the risk of losing the all-important Brazilian center-back David Luiz in the summer to Barcelona. If you want to find out what American punters think about this idea then check out for the latest sports news.

The Catalan club are looking to rebuild after Guardiola will leave, and the process will start at the back where Spanish legend Puyol can’t play at the same amazing level for much longer, so Barca is looking to bring in fresh faces who can take the club back on the pedestal of the world’s best club.

Luiz was brought from Benfica for a massive fee of £24million, but unlike transfers like Torres he has shown his worth and it would now be a tragedy if the Blues will lose him, especially given that Terry doesn’t have much further to go either.

The Brazilian defender is due to receive an offer from Barcelona which will most likely exceed £30m, but Chelsea’s Abramovic is unlikely to accept such an offer for a player he likes as much as he does, and one who has been amazing for Chelsea in such a short time.

Do you think that the Blues could replace Luiz with somebody just as good, or should they keep hold of him for as long as possible?

Apr 192012

The Barcelona managed Pep Guardiola saw his team have the lions share of possession (and 20 shots on goal!) but still lose to a very well organized Chelsea team. Pep Guardiola refused to agree that Barcelona deserved to win the game just because of their statistics.

On the spread betting market (check out Trade Forex to find out more about that), Bracelona were hot favourites to have more of everything, but Chelsea got the one thing that Barcelona didn’t, a goal!

“That’s football,” Guardiola said. “It’s not a question of it being fair or unfair but merely to congratulate Chelsea. We’d win every game if it was just about possession of the ball, because our average is more than our opponents’, but the most difficult thing is putting the ball in the net. It won’t be simple in the second game. They’ll have 10 men behind the ball and will defend: they’re stronger than us; they run, run, run; they jump more than us. But we have to try and take control and discover a way of scoring the goals. We knew this would be a challenge and wouldn’t be easy. Chelsea are a team with a lot of experience.

“This was their sixth semi-final in nine years and it’s not easy coming to Stamford Bridge even if people are saying Barcelona are much, much better. But only winners are remembered. Maybe we’ll need to be a bit more adventurous and take a few more risks in the second game. Now, the favourites are Chelsea. They have had a good result but we still have 90 minutes to create as many chances as possible and take them.”

And it is up to Chelsea to continue to stop Barcelona putting the ball in the net! The last time they me in this competition the Blues kept Barca out for 180 minutes only for Iniesta to score in the 94th minute of the second leg to deny Chelsea a place in the Final.

This time we will keep them out just a little bit longer and be in the Final where we belong!