May 212012

Blues striker Fernando Torres was called to action by Spain’s manager Vicente Del Bosque despite the fact that the Spaniard didn’t have the best of seasons, nor the best of time since joining Chelsea.

Torres’ few goals scored in the last few games for Chelsea seem to have weighed a lot in Del Bosque’s eyes who has chosen the striker in the 21-man squad.

Barcelona’s David Villa seems to still be out of action and he’ll miss the EUROS, leaving Fernando Llorente as the most dangerous man for Torres. The likes of Soldado and Negredo will also try to challenge Torres’ presence in the first team line-up, but the striker is sure to be a part of the first team line-up in a few games.

Torres was completely out of form for Spain lately as well, and now everybody’s pointing fingers and asking whether he deserves to be there or not. Chelsea teammate Juan Mata has also been called-up, but with the extreme competition Spain has in the midfield section of the field, a first team spot for Mata won’t be easy even if he’ll be chosen to play on the wing. Do you think that Torres deserved the EURO chance he got?

  5 Responses to “Unhappy Torres called up for Spain squad”

  1. Even though Torres is not in form He still deserves to be in the Spanish squard…Torres of late is beginnin to show His character on the pitch of play haven scored Barcelona in the champions league semi final….

  2. is good player good luck 4 torres up chelsea up up up

  3. he was caled bcos of his past grory, tores needs to improv nd put 50pounds out his headl

  4. Fenando torres deserve a chance in the spanish team in euro 2012

  5. He wort it nd he shud b patient wit chelsea bcuz he miht be d man 4 chelsea nxt season. Up Torres,Up Blues

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