5 Likely Replacement For Jose Mourinho

Down and out
Down and out

Following Chelsea’s defeat in the hands of league leaders Leicester City yesterday, it is now looking clear that the Blues manager Jose Mourinho may not have long to spend at Stamford Bridge and could be sacked any minute now.

This is a list of likely managers to replace him then if he is sacked this week or the next:

However, just in case the owner’s patience runs out and he decides to sack the Portuguese manager, here is a list of five managers that could replace him at Stamford Bridge.

Pep Guardiola

Guardiola has been in the news a lot of recent because of his refusal to sign an extension on his contract at Bayern Munich which will expire at the end of the season. It looks like he might be ready to move to the English Premier League but the club he might prefer is not so clear at the moment.

However, it does not look like he will be the one at Chelsea if they decide to sack MOurinho before the season ends as Pep will run out his contract at Bayern Munich but if Chelsea deceide to leave Mourinho to ruin the club well and then sack him when the season ends when they will have been relegated, then they might just get Guardiola after all.

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian has managed the Blues before and so is used to the club’s style and whims and he could be a very good option.

He is in fact the most likely option to replace Mourinho if he is sacked as he is presently on vacation and will be free to take over at Stamford Bridge anytime they need him.

It is however not sure if he will want a move to Chelsea despite recently stating that he wants a move to the English Premier League as he definitely will not have forgotten how he was sent packing at Stamford Bridge the last time he was manager at the club but we will just have to wait and see how self-destructive he is.

Diego Simeone

This is a likely manager to replace Mourinho at Stamford Bridge as he himself would love a move to the English Premier League and to Chelsea with the Blues owner Roman Abramovich very interested in him too.

The Atletico Madrid manager has done wonders at Atletico and has shown just what a capable manager he is but he would love another challenge in another league.

However, it does not look so feasible if Chelsea sack Mourinho before the end of the season as it is not so clear that Diego will be ready to leave Atletico before the season ends but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Antonio Conte

He is the present Italian national team coach and could be wanting a move to a league club and especially to the English Premier League but it is not clear if he will love to move to Chelsea but if he does, he might be a good option as he should be available to take over at Stamford Bridge if the manager is sacked anytime.

His erratic formations and tactics might just be what is needed to turn Chelsea around from this sharp decline.

Robert Martinez

This is not such a viable option but he is the closest to a manager that might be contacted in the English Premier League if Mourinho is sacked.

He is currently Everton manager so it is understood why Abramovich might want him at Chelsea as he will definitely come with some Chelsea targets in the club and this might just be enough to change the club’s fortunes.


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