A Look At World Cup Bad Boys For Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

In less than 24 hours the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia will kick off. The tournament promises to be full of drama both on and off the pitch. Many football fans and officials will be hoping the current hostile political climate in Russia doesn’t ruin the fun for football lovers all over the universe.

In this article, we have lighted some of the bad boys who will believe are likely to get on officials’ black book during the course of the tournament. The last time out in Brazil, there were just eight red cards shown, we however expect Russian 2018 to deliver more red cards.

Diego Costa

There are not many strikers in world football better than Diego Costa at the moment and neither are there many strikers more controversial than the former Chelsea striker. As Arsenal fans will easily testify, Diego Costa enjoys winding up opposing defenders and players. He has a penchant for playing the game on a knife edge which has got him in referees bad books many times. Since he turned down a call up from Brazil to play for Spain, Costa has been a key player for La Roja but will he be able to keep his calm in Russia and avoid red cards and not let his team down?

Luis Suarez

When you have been sent off for a deliberate hand ball and then four years later get a lofty four months ban for biting someone in a football game, you certainly deserve to make the world cup bad boys list. When it comes to being a bad boy, Suarez has paid his dues in world football and we expect him to be one of the bad boys to look forward to in Russia starting tomorrow. Although he has been less controversial since signing for Barca, we still expect some drama from the Uruguayan. Many including yours truly are yet to forget how he deliberately used his hand to stop a goal bound ball in the 2010 world cup quarter finals against Ghana. Neither will Chelsea fans have forgotten the Branislav Ivanovic biting incident. Italians would certainly remember the South American biting Giorgio Chiellini at the Brazil 2014 world cup too.

Hirving Lozano

At just 22 years of age, Hirving Lozano will be playing in his first world cup. However, we expect the Mexican to be one of the bad boys at the world cup. As of the time of writing this article, he already has eight red cards to his name ( two of those are however double yellows ). PSV fans have nicknamed him Chucky because of his wide smile and how he terrifies defenders in the Dutch league.

Sergio Ramos

He is not just one of the best defenders in world football in the last 10 years, he is also a very high scoring defender. His aerial ability helps out his teams in crucial games as he is known for scoring very important goals in dying minutes of games. He has been a very important player  for both Real Madrid and Spain in the last 10 years. However, he is also a very controversial player. His misdemeanour has seen him get sent off in key matches. He has 24 red cards, yes, you read that right, in his career for both country and club. Will he be one of those to be red card in Russia this year? We will soon find out.

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