Abramovich Searching Hard for New Chelsea Home

The current capacity at Stamford Bridge is around the 42,000 mark, which on the face of it sounds a lot, but did you know it is only the eighth biggest in England. Owner Roman Abramovich has looked at various different ways to expand Stamford Bridge, but because of its location that option is just not possible.

So a new home is needed, but where will he find that home in the crowded vicinity of the nations capital? Also the added proviso of moving no further than three miles from Stamford Bridge needs to be factored in to the equation.

There have been numerous locations mentioned with Earls Court being one, Wormwood Scrubs being another and also White City has been banded about, but the preferred option is believed to be the location at Battersea and Nine Elms situated on the River Thames.

Some fans think it is sacrilege to even think about moving away from their home of 106 years, but to survive and keep up with Europe’s top clubs and compete on a regular basis a move is a must surely.

Fans have been campaigning at the high cost of ticket prices at the Bridge, but with a larger stadium and more people attending games those ticket prices could be reduced. It has been estimated that a 60,000 capacity stadium, wherever it may be, could bring the club up to £50million per year in extra revenue!

Now that kind of money is not to be sneezed at is it, even for the likes of Chelsea. Where would you like the new stadium to be built? Do you think we will even get one? Only time will tell I guess, but ones things for sure the blue flag will be flying high wherever we play.

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