Alex: Stoke have quality and play like the Dutch

Alex has claimed that the way the likes of Stoke and Bolton play reminds him of how some Dutch clubs played after his time in Holland.

Not just that he also of the opinion that Stoke are a better quality side than what he went up against in Holland and who are we to argue, he has the experience to back his claims up saying

‘When I came to England I thought only Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United liked to play, all the other teams I thought would be long ball, but after some time I knew only two or three teams play like this and the rest of the teams like to play,’ said Alex

‘In Holland it is the same as Stoke, and Bolton too, there are many teams who have tall forwards and put the ball in the air and play like this. They don’t have the good quality like Stoke have also.’

Alex who is expected to face Stoke also pointed out the dangers that Ricardo Fuller and Rory Delap present,
‘We have to pay attention to the second ball, sometimes it is difficult to win the first ball but you have to win the second,’ Alex explained. ‘You have to play very concentrated and stay compact.

‘Fuller has quality with the ball and he is a strong, strong man, so we have to play strong also and don’t leave any space. We received four goals in the last game, which is no good at home.’

Nope letting in four goals is not pleasant but we are still top and at least attitudes remain strong and positive as Alex has shown.

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