Ancelotti – Blackpool won't be easy!

The Chelsea boss thinks that Chelsea are in fine form, but that doesn’t mean they can underestimate Blackpool. The Seasiders have already won two away games and are not afraid to attack their opponents whoever they are. They are certainly enjoying their first few weeks in the Premiership, and there is always the possibility of a shock in the Premiership nowadays.

“It’s an important moment now,” said Ancelotti. “We have a lot of games and we don’t have time to train properly, but we are ready to play against a strong team.

“We have more knowledge and for that reason, we are doing well. There’s no fear, now, which is good. The players are all involved in the team and there’s a good atmosphere. If we can maintain this atmosphere, I think we can have success this year.

“To think about the game against City is too far away. Blackpool are a good team and have won two away games, at Newcastle and Wigan, and are showing good skills in the Premier League.

“We have to pay attention. They are no easy games. Our moment is nice. It’s good now, but we want it to continue.

“We have fantastic ability up front. We have to put a kind of football on the pitch to showcase this quality. Balance is important in football.

“If you have players with skill and ability, you can show this balance. You have to find that balance and be able to attack and defend.”

Nah, don’t be silly Carlo! 6-0 at least!

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