Ancelotti – Chelsea are not good enough!

Carlo Ancelotti saw his team lose at Wolverhampton Wanderers last night, and has finally conceded that his team are just not good enough to win anything right now.

“I think it’s obvious we are not good enough in this moment,” he said.

“But the team has the skill, the ability, the character, the personality to move on. It’s important to stay compact, to stay together and to work hard for each other.”

Then he was asked if he thought that he could pull Chelsea out of this crazy rut they are in, and he replied: “Yes, I know this team very well and I’m sure than this moment will change and we will be able to fight for everything this season.”

But was he expecting to be sacked now? “It’s not my decision I hope I can continue this job, because I would like to stay here and I have a good relationship with the players and with the club,” he said.

There is obviously something deeply wrong that a team can go from being free-scoring and unbeatable, to being a team that can’t beat bottom-of-the-table teams. Can Ancelotti really save this season?

Watch the Highlights of the game here!

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