Ancelotti explains his upbringing and his philosophy, and how it will help Chelsea

The new Chelsea boss is a bit of an enigma. We have found out in the last few months that he likes to play games with the press, and issue conflicting statements to confuse them, but yesterday in a rare moment of open-ness he spoke to Chelsea about his early memories of being poor and being brought up on a farm in Northern Italy.

“I am very close to the first years of my life,” he said. “My father was not a rich man, he worked very hard throughout the years but I lived well in the first years of my life.

“I had no problems, I lived in a very good place and I had very good relationships with my friends, I remember this very well.’

“These days I like to stay near a big city. I lived for eight years in Rome, but I stayed near Rome, not in the centre, and the same in Milan, I like to have land around me. I don’t like traffic, I like to stay quiet.

“I love football, every day, every hour, but there is a moment when I have to think about other things. For me, to stay in farming is a good thing because you can keep calm and relaxed.’

“I want to be myself with my players, I have my character and I want to keep this character around my players. I want to be true.

“If I have an idea of how to play, I put this idea to the players and they go out on the pitch and play the way I want. That is not easy to do and this is why I need a good relationship them.

“All this will help us win a trophy this season, which is very possible.

“I don’t like to say I will win, but I have a good feeling. It is better to think about winning than to think about losing.”

It’s always better to think about winning! Us fans are used to dreaming about what we might win, and we are also full of hope before the new season.

Well, as he says, it’s better than thinking about losing!

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