Ancelotti loves Wembley, but he says every game is a final now

The Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti went to Wembley for the second time since he joined the Blues, and says that he loves the atmosphere. He also thought that Aston Villa made it very hard for his team in the first half, but Chelsea came through and comfortably won 3-0 in the end.

“Every time I come to this stadium there is a fantastic atmosphere, I’m very excited because it’s the second time now,” Ancelotti said.

“The last game against United, today, the atmosphere was fantastic. I’m surprised for this because there is a lot of passion from the fans, a fantastic atmosphere. I’m very happy for this,”

“It was a difficult game, totally different from the last game when we won. We played not so good in the first half because we played without intensity, without pressure and left a lot of space and Aston Villa was really in the game,”

“They played well with good intensity and we were lucky to stay 0-0 in the first half, second half was totally different because we put in more intensity and pressure, and scored three goals, it was really better in the second half.

“I think the key of the match was the first goal, of Didier. He scored 32 goals, he maintains a very good opportunity to score and is working very hard for the team.

“For him it is not so important to play from the beginning, when he comes on the pitch he scores. I have very good options in this moment because all the strikers are in good condition.

When asked if he thought that Chelsea were now certain to win the famous Double, which the club have won before, he refused to be drawn into speculation: “I am focused on the next game.” he said. “I don’t like to speak with “if” because “if” is not really true, we know we have to work hard again,’

“We are very close to winning but we didn’t win anything yet.

“We need to work hard for one month again, it is not a lot of time, six games and I think that if we prepare well every game like a final, we can take a great result this year.”

Six finals, six wins, game over!

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