Ancelotti not interested in Neymar…. for the moment!

Brazilian striker Neymar has found his profile raised even more after his two goals against Scotland recently. Speculation has been rife that Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea were set to make a move to sign Neymar.

He reportedly came close to moving to Stamford Bridge last season but in the end the 19-year-old decided to stay at Santos.

Meanwhile the Santos president told the media: “Playing in England is not the same as playing in Vila Belmiro. It is much worse, because of the climate and the style of football which he is unaccustomed to”.

Now the Metro is reporting that Chelsea manager isn’t actually interested in bringing Neymar to Stamford Bridge. He said: “It is good news that some players want to come here and play for us. There’s a good atmosphere here and Neymar is very good. He is very young and a fantastic talent but at the moment we’re not interested”.

Neymar is valued at £30 million, but after Ancelotti’s comments Neymar’s dream move seems to be off the cards. However Manchester United, Manchester City and Barcelona are also thought to be interested in the player and have reportedly spoken to Neymar’s representatives.

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