Ancelotti praises English players – especially Lampard

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti loves the English mentality and the effort that they put into their football, but especially the attitude of Frank Lampard.

He said yesterday: Ancelotti said: “In this team, there are top players. I like their quality, I like their mental attitude. Above all, I like the English players – Terry, Lampard, Ashley Cole.

“Lampard is a fantastic player because he has so much quality and the amount of work he puts in and because of how many goals he scores.

“At training, he is always the first one there. He puts in so much effort. All the English players are like that.”

The interesting thought there is that maybe the Italian players DIDN’T train so hard? Is the English league the only one that has dedicated players? I think not?

But fair play to him for making the right noises to the media, and making his players feel good about themselves, well the English ones anyway!

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