Ancelotti tells his players – Respect the ref or get punished!

The Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti says that he is very strict about his players harrassing the referee, and if booked or sent off for dissent they will be severely punished.

He even said that he doesn’t allow during training matches!

He told a story about when he was refereeing during a Chelsea training session, and the players thought he was useless. But they didn’t protest during the game, but let him know their feelings the next day, with a pair of giant spectacles!

He said: “I refereed a little game with the first-team players. I did a bad job. The day after the players arrived with a present, a package for me. I opened it and there was a pair of big joke glasses.

“I don’t know what the score was in the game – I didn’t have the glasses then. I just know Ashley Cole and John Terry’s team lost the game.”

“They didn’t have a go at me during the game – if one player puts pressure on the referee during a training game, they leave the pitch.

“I do not accept protests like that and I don’t like it when even one player complains to the referee.

“Players should stay where they are in their positions and focus on the game. What we do to them depends on the situation. If they get a red card for protesting or dissent, they will be fined.”

It’s refreshing to hear a manager come out in support of the RESPECT campaign for referees. Not like some red-nosed Scotsman that i won’t mention!

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