Ancelotti – We played well defensively (but won 6-0!)

Carlo Ancelotti didn’t think that his Chelsea team did anything else other than a normal days work despite winning 6-0 in their opening Premier League game against West Brom, and he even praised the strikers for being active in the defence!

“Didier did a fantastic job,” said Ancelotti. “Not just because he scored but he worked for the team very hard, as did Anelka and Malouda. They all worked very hard defensively.

“That is the mentality of our strikers. They are working for the team and it was a good start, we wanted to win because we had a difficult pre-season.

“We played a good game, we showed good football, scored a lot of goals and there are a lot of good things to come from this game.

“We started the first half well, kept a high tempo on the pitch, but it wasn’t our game until the second goal. Then it was easier for us because there was more space up front and we had a lot of possibility to score.”

“We did our job, nothing special,” he continued. “This team can show this kind of play, can score a lot of goals and this is our job.”

He certainly hasn’t changed his tactics of “stating the bleedin obvious”, but it seems like it is now so routine for Chelsea to massacre teams at home, that there is not much new for him to say. Long may it continue!

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