Ancelotti – We should have saved some goals for Liverpool!

Carlo Ancelotti saw his Chelsea team score seven goals for the second time this season yesterday, and joked that the team should have saved a few for next weeks game at Anfield!

Although happy that Chelsea have scored lots of goals this season, he doesn’t believe that goal difference will have any effect on the destination of the trophy.

“It won’t come down to goal difference to decide it,” Ancelotti added. “There will be one team that arrives in first place and another who arrives in second place.

“It’s ours to lose. But that’s a good thing. To have a title in our own hands is a good thing.

“We have scored a lot of goals this season, 93 in the Premier League now, and that’s a very good record for us.

“This is our philosophy. We want to attack and to use the quality of my players. With this ability you have to score.

“But I would have preferred to keep two or three goals for next week. I forgot to tell my players this!

“It will be very difficult at Liverpool. They are a fantastic team still going for fourth place.”

The one thing to Chelsea’s advantage is that Liverpool will face a tough game against Atletico Madrid in midweek, and Benitez will certainly not be able to rest any players for that one.

And if you asked any Liverpool fans, I am sure they would rather that Chelsea won the league rather than Man Utd!

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