Ancelotti – We will keep Sam Hutchinson at Chelsea despite his retirement

Chelsea have lost a very promising young player in Sam Hutchinson, as he announced his retirement from playing football after three years of injury worries. But Carlo Ancelotti has announced that Hutchinson can carry on working for Chelsea in a training capacity with the Chelsea academy, as he works towards his sports science degree.

“We are sad, disappointed about this, he decided to retire after very strong work to recover from his injury,” Ancelotti said.

“He was not able to do this but now we are together to look forward to support him in everything. He will start to study sports science, he will start to train with our Academy, and we would like that he stays in our family because he has a strong character and showed this during the years when he tried to recover from the injury.

“He is a very good man and can have a fantastic job here in Chelsea and support us with his character,”

“Obviously he is sad now but he has to look forward, there are a lot of things. You can’t play but you can do different jobs in football, he loves football and we will support his passion.”

Well done Chelsea for looking after our own and not just throwing him on the scrapheap. Who knows, he may become Chelsea manager one day……

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