Ancelotti will find a solution for Torres and Drogba

The Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, has assured the press that he will make whatever is possible for Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres to make the perfect strike force. Last Sunday Torres made his debut forming a triple attack force upfront including Nicolas Anelka that did not seem to gel.

“We are working day by day to find the correct solution to put them together. My job as a manager is to find the best solution for the players that I have. I think that Drogba and Torres are fantastic strikers and we have to make everything possible for them to play together.” said Ancelotti.

The object for Chelsea, who are currently sitting in fifth place, 13 points behind the League leaders Manchester United, is to keep winning and tighten the gap between them and United. Ancelotti has indicated that he will be putting a lot of concentration into the Champions League.

“It is difficult to return to make a fight for the title. It’s better to think game by game in the Premier League it is difficult to reduce these differences, we have to be honest at the moment and the most important thing is to secure 4th place and we have to fight each team.” concluded Ancelotti

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