Ancelotti – Worried about Swine Flu? Drink red wine with milk!

Ancelotti - Swine Flu is everywhere!
Ancelotti - Swine Flu is everywhere!

The Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti is not worried about his players catching Swine Flu from the Blackburn game, and has a ready-made remedy just in case it does happen.

“It is my grandmother’s prescription,” he said. “It’s hot milk with red wine. Fantastic. I’m not worried about swine flu. My players will shake hands and swap shirts with their opponents as normal, absolutely. The flu is not only on the pitch. It’s everywhere.”

He also said that he intends to rest John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka for tonight’s Carling Cup game against Bolton. He thinks that all top players need a rest, especially as they get older.

“They do want to play every game, even this season,” said Ancelotti. “But, for them, it’s better sometimes to rest. For me it is a surprise that players have maintained their fitness over long seasons, because in England matches are very strong and played with a lot of intensity. It is different to Italy, where the intensity is a bit down because matches are more tactical. But the players realise it’s important to give their bodies some recovery time. Lampard, for example, is not a young player any more. You have to maintain good control.”

“If I have a possibility to give rest to the players, and above all those who play for their national teams, it’s better for me to do so,”

“At the moment John Terry and Anelka are in very good condition but if we want to maintain that and keep them fit, it’s better to give them a rest. If we do that then, for example, Terry and Lampard will be in very good condition and will have a fantastic World Cup.

“It’s very important to seek to prevent injuries. In the last years not only Milan but a lot of clubs have turned their attentions into prevention of injuries and recovery, and not only on the work-load [in training]. That’s the difference between now and 20 years ago. When I played, it was work, work, work every day.

“These days you work hard with intensity but it’s also important to give the players rest to prevent injuries. We used this in Milan and we’re using it now at Chelsea.”

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