Anelka to be first out as Villas-Boas takes control at Chelsea

The new Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas is looking to unload some of the strikers that are surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge and Anelka looks to be one of those players. The new Portugese manager wants to bring in Porto’s Colombian striker Radamel Falcao and Anderlecht’s Romelu Lukaku, which means no more room for the likes of Anelka.

According to the Metro the 32-year-old Frenchman is likely to head to Paris St. Germain where he has played twice before in his career. A Qatari investment fund has taken over the Ligue 1 side and has promised huge amounts of money to fund transfers.

Anelka looks to be the first big name to leave Stamford Bridge but there will surely be more to follow. Didier Drogba may be sold to Marseille as Villas-Boas looks to reshape the squad in his image. He has already admitted that he will employ a 4-3-3 formation which will leave Anelka out in the cold.

Besides Falcao Chelsea are considering whether to increase their bid for Tottenham’s Luka Modric and are also thought to be planning offers for Porto’s Joao Moutinho and Bolton’s Gary Cahill.

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  2. chrisman says

    yes good decision for new and young manager Anelka is too old to com-pit for trophy his good days at the bridge are over so let him try some where else but not Chelsea.

    Chelsea forever

  3. Flekzyboi(blues4life) says

    Datz a gud one,he shuld go we dnt need him again.including malouda,kalou,drogba,lampard,benayoun,essien,zhikov,pheriera,bosingwa nd hilario.they shuld all go we dnt wnt dem again.

  4. Bluekid says

    Flekzybo don u think dats too much to overhaul in one season? Remember wat happened when ballack, cole, deco and belleti left without cover or backup? Meanwhile i think lamps, malouda, bosingwa and anelka should be sold and falcao, lukaku and modric should be bought

  5. nate says

    Flekzyboi, are you serious?

    Malouda was our leading goal scorer this past season. who is going to play on the left side? He stays.

    Get rid of Lampard??? Did we sign Wesley Sneijder or Pastore? No? Okay then, until we do, he stays. And even then, he stays.

    You want to dump Kalou AND Drogba? Really? One of them stays.

    And I dare you to find another player who is more versatile and dangerous as Essien. No way we should sell him.

    We have to unload some players, and I think that starts with Anelka because we can get a good price for him. And I would lose sleep if Drogba was sold to Marseille.

    But in order for the Blues to benefit from such departures, we have to have something to replace them with. It can’t just be a transfer for the sake of transferring.

  6. nate says


    I WOULDN’T lose sleep over losing Drogba.

  7. Sean without an *h* says

    Players like Mikel, Essien and Benayoun still have a lot to offer Chelsea

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