Anelka writes off Arsenal and Liverpool – and says Ancelotti is a legend!

Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka doesn’t think that Arsenal and Liverpool will be able to keep up with Chelsea and Man Utd in the race for the Premiership, and thinks that Chelsea will win every trophy they aim for. These are very bullish but confident words from last season’s Golden Boot winner, but could he be tempting fate by speaking out this early? Especially with a difficult match up at the Stadium of Light tonight.

But Anelka puts all this confidence down to the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, who he calls a “legend and a born winner.”

“For me, Chelsea are the favourites to win it this year. United will be strong and don’t let anybody kid you that they won’t be just because they sold their best player.” he said,

“Arsenal and Liverpool have some very good players but, when it comes down to the last five games, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was only United and Chelsea left fighting it out. The games against United will be very important and we are already one up on them this year after the Community Shield.

“We owe them for last season and we are confident that they will not make it four in a row.

“Our manager is a legend and a born winner. There is nobody at this club who doesn’t have a winning mentality. It filters down right from the top, from the manager and the chairman. They know what they want and we know we have to deliver.

“With what we have in place here, I believe Chelsea can be victorious on all fronts this season.”

Okat Nicolas, but i hope you know that for us to do that you will have to start putting some of your millions of chances away. We can’t rely on Drogba to always win us the games, you have to do your part.

So stop talking, and start scoring!

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