Are referees on Chelsea's side? Owen Coyle and Martin O'Neill think so!

Martin O’Neill was not a happy man after the FA Cup semi-final defeat against Chelsea, and severely lambasted the referee for not giving a blatant penalty in the first half, which could have changed the course of the game.
Even John Terry agreed after the game that it should have been given in Aston Villa’s favour.

Well just three days later yet another manager blames the referee for being biased towards Chelsea. The Burnley manager Owen Coyle believes that his side was turned down a blatant handball from Didier Drogba, and possibly another one from John Terry.

“I know Drogba is a world-class player but he could play world-class volleyball for anybody on that evidence,” Coyle fumed.

“We didn’t need any luck tonight, we only needed the officials to get the big decisions right. There were two stonewall penalties out there for handballs.

“The first one, after 27 minutes when Drogba handballs in the area, then there’s the second one when John Terry handles it. The assistant referee says it hit his shoulder but it’s a clear penalty.

“That’s not unlucky. The referee has not been helped by his assistants if he’s not in a good position to see it. I can accept it if they’ve not seen it.”

Do Chelsea fans think their team has got off lightly lately?

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