Arsenal sign Lukaku? Rubbish!

There have been various reports lately stating that Arsenal have agreed to sign Romelu Lukaku from Anderlecht for £12.5million, but there has been no proof or quotes from any of the parties involved.

Obviously both Chelsea and Arsenal would be keen on such a powerful youngster with bags of talent, but any discussions of a transfer have been put on hold by his parents until next year, when he can finish his schooling.

We all know that he has been given a signed Chelsea shirt by Didier Drogba, who is his hero, and he visited Stamford Bridge in the summer just to have a look around (whistle, whistle!).

Many talented youngsters have chosen Arsenal over Chelsea in the past because of their fantastic record of bringing their youths into the first team, but now that Chelsea have started blooding teenagers into the first team as well, they can attract more young talent like Lukaku.

So don’t believe the stories about Lukaku going to Arsenal. He will surely be at Stamford Bridge in a couple of years.

  1. random says

    okay mate if you want him so much you can have him lol, and enjoy him in bed.

  2. arsenal4ever says

    rubbish!! as you the chavs wont get him. we can offer both brothers a great career and their parents are keen to deal with us!!! Only us. Sorry chavs you missed out hahahahhaahha

  3. northside says

    ahahaha you’re a piece of trash mate, you know nothing.
    he may be the new drogba, but he’s going to go where he knows he’s got the best chance of succeeding in becoming an international superstar. in other words, I’ll be off to buy an Arsenal Lakaku shirt next week 🙂

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