Ashley Cole expected to join Mourinho in Madrid

The ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has made Ashley Cole his top target since arriving at Real Madrid this summer, and the Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has heard that it is very likely that Cole will be his new team-mate next season.

He said: “From what I am hearing the signs look good.

“I have only briefly spoken to people at the club but I am confident that he can be a Real Madrid player next year.

I think it will be the right move for him both professionally and personally.”

“A clean break from England is hopefully something he is very interested in.

“It will be his last big contract and who better to sign for than his old coach Mourinho at Real.

“He will know better than anybody this club will be successful under Jose.

“Jose has proved he buys players and makes them the very best in the world in their position.”With Ashley he doesn’t need to do that because he’s already the best left-back in the world.

“Jose knows all about him and it comes as no surprise to me he is very much on Madrid’s radar.”

I sincerely hope you are wong Iker!

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