Ashley Cole extends Chelsea stay… Because of Mourinho factor?

Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole has agreed a one-year extension to his current contract, keeping him with the West-London club until at the summer of 2014, and I personally believe it is because ‘The Special One’ is returning home.

Cole had been expected to leave the Blues at the end of the season for free, with Chelsea previously said to be unwilling to offer the 32 year-old a new deal.

The England left-back’s agent was in Madrid earlier this month to hold talks over a possible move to Real, but with Jose Mourinho leaving Spain this summer he decided to look elsewhere.

‘The Special One’ is said to have been in contact with senior Chelsea stars Ashley Cole, John Terry and Frank Lampard since his time at Stamford Bridge, and I believe he is the reason Roman Abramovich and the Ex-Arsenal defender have been able to agree terms.

Jose is widely expected to return to Stamford Bridge for next season, having been in constant contact with Roman this season. He is said to be consulted on football matters on regular occasions having reconciled their relationship in the past year.

Mourinho is and always be a favourite at Stamford Bridge, having brought instant Premier League success with back-to-back PL titles in his first two seasons. He has always spoken highly of Chelsea and the Premier League and is as short as 5-4 favourite with one bookmaker to become the Blues boss this summer.

Chelsea fans have wanted Jose to return since the day he left, and we finally look to be getting our wish. The Portugese manager has proved his tactical abilities in Spain and Italy, and has declared himself that he wishes to return to England soon. Is Jose really coming home to Chelsea? I believe so…

  1. faniyi wale says

    I believe he will come back to where he’s loved.

  2. Don't sale him out says

    I want both cole n jose to be there at stamford bridge bcos they are my favourite

  3. Timothy Emuan says

    At this point in time,we need d special one(Mourinho) as a matter of urgency.I believe his d only one right now that can bring back d good old days @ Stamford Bridge,because d caliber of players we have now he can build on them.I hope to see him soon.

  4. Chibuike okpara says

    He is not going anywhere, i believe mourinho is coming back.

  5. Chibuike okpara says

    He is not going anywhere, i believe mourinho is coming back 2 change d parttern of chelsea, let him come we are waiting.

  6. shittu says

    all this old players are still very important and thay still have alot to give the club, look at the like of schole,fadinand and giggs in man utd.then let make sure we bring back our manager jose.

  7. Idowu adewole zaria says

    Jos is d answer. Plzzzzz let him come so we cld also get some madrid fanz & players 2d blues

  8. fsammy says

    This is the single reason am not fully in support of jose’s return.As much as i would have love him,i dont want any coach who wouldn’t utilise our youth system.we have one of the best youth system in england,winning the youth f.a cup for 2 consecutive years.they would’ve been starters in arsenal or some other clubs but we keep loaning them out with the risk of losing them.remember stoch just won the goal of the year after being ejected out by chelsea.if jose is to return,then he should utilise our youth system.that would have been perfect for me.#cfc

  9. King Jade akeem says

    I just read this post and there was this cold round me## If i was asked about my sad moment since supporting the blues at the age 16 then i would say ”’ seeing morinho leave ”’ I just love football with passion and so much cherish chelsea with the whole of my heart!!! The only long term manager I can ever see in chelsea is the special one. I love Mr jose so much even like wanting him to be my dad!!! (LOL) Mr Roman, It will be a good deed for the club and the fans to see The special one at the bridge. but if Mr jose failed to also return home, He will still be love and cherish with the whole of my hrt! I LOVE YOU MR. JOSE MORINHO

  10. Para says

    We need a tactically well-behaved coach like Jose 2 manage a team like Chelsea dat finds it difficult 2 keep clean sheets. His records in football are outstanding

  11. Chima says

    cole has done a great 4 d club & how I he could his extend his contract 2 more 3 or 4 yrs. We Need U Cole, Welcome Back Jose Mour.

  12. says

    “Ashley Cole extends Chelsea stay

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