Ashley Cole takes a dig at Arsenal!

Now now Ashley, you are letting your feelings get the better of you! In an interview published in the Telegraph, he said that he thinks that Man City could soon be making inroads into the top four, and he hopes it will be at Arsenal’s expense!

He was quoted as saying: “I think the players they are buying are good,” Cole said. “Obviously they have got Gareth Barry, who I know from England and he’s a good player. They’ve got Stephen Ireland, Wrighty (Shaun Wright-Phillips), Robinho, Adebayor, Tevez. They are all good players.

” I don’t know about breaking into the top four, that’s hard to say and you won’t know until you have seen them play a few times. This year might be tough but next year, you never know with the guys they are buying.

“I think it’s going to be hard for them but they could do. They may gel, click, straight away and it’s magic. But we can’t really say until we see them play. I hope they do it. I have friends there and I hope they do really well – and that they finish above Arsenal.”

Naughty, naughty, Ashley! (Okay most of the Chelsea fans will hope the same thing, hehe!). He then went on to say that the Premier League is even harder to win than the Champions League, and he really hopes that under Ancelotti, the team can push United all the way this season.

“It’s a tough old season in the Premier League and it’s only getting harder,” he said. “So to win that, you are true champions. Sometimes in the Champions League I don’t think it’s always the best team that wins it. It depends on how you play on a certain day.

“In the league you have to play well week-in, week-out. Man Utd won it last year and they were worthy champions and we just have to take it.”

“For some players they might want to win the Champions League but for me winning the Premier League again is my main aim for the season,” he said. “Of course it would be nice to go to another Champions League final and hopefully win it again one day but for me the Premier League is the best trophy to have.”

“We’ve just changed managers so it’s going to take time to assess the different qualities of both of them but hopefully we can win something with the new manager,” Cole said.

“He (Ancelotti) is a good guy. He’s trying to learn English a lot and he’s getting on very well with the players and staff. He’s brought in a few new ideas and hopefully we can put them into our play. We are starting to understanding the way he wants us to play now. It takes time.

“Now we are playing with two up –Didier played and Nico (Anelka), Sturridge, Di Santo. We have a lot of guys up there so hopefully we can get used to the formation in pre-season and it will work when we start the season.”

Our whole season may depend on whether the team can perfect the new diamond formation quickly. Once the season starts you can’t start messing around with systems, you have to go with the flow and hope it works out.

I, for one, am seriously looking forward to it, and it sounds like Ashley is too!

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