Aston Villa v Arsenal extended highlights – Gunners bounce back impressively

Arsenal fans must have had the jitters when Arsenal went into the break only 2-0 up at Villa Park after seeing their team throw away the same lead the week before against Tottenham, but this time around they made sure of the points.

Wenger said after the game: “I believe we had three good performances and for me against Tottenham we played well. We had a lot of possession in a difficult game in Braga and we responded well today. Overall you focus on the performance – you do not always lose when you dominate games and that’s what happened today. We played well, Villa had a good response in the second half but we managed to find the resources to win the game”

“We were very dominant and the only regret you have at that stage is that you do not score enough goals. At 2-0 at half time you feel among the players that what happened last week had an impact in their head. When it came back to 2-1 it was an interesting test for my team. We could crumble or we could score again and we scored again. Villa are a good side with good strikers and a solid defence but overall I think we dominated the game.”

Arsenal end the day in second place as Chelsea are knocked off the top for the first time this year. Carlo Ancelotti’s team desperately need a win at Newcastle to regain their rightful place at the top.

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