AVB confident of finishing his three-year contract at Chelsea

The new Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has presided over Chelsea’s worst start to the season for at least a decade, but he is certain that Roman Abramovich is willing for him to carry on his three year rebuilding program despite the Russian billionaire being famously impatient with losing managers.

Abramovich has been at the Chelsea training ground every day for the last week, and AVB was asked about how his relationship with the Chelsea owner was going. He said: “There is great empathy and motivation for next year’s project,”

“At the moment it has been very good, very positive.

“He is a good person to share knowledge with, ask questions and try to give answers regarding what I do. I think it’s legitimate, and would compare it to a normal club president/manager relationship.”

“….The reality is that in the last years there was a pattern of managers shifting,” he added. “In the end, you have to agree that from 2004 Chelsea has been massively successful. It has been the best period of Chelsea’s history.

“Hopefully we can progress that within the three-year range with me here.”

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