AVB Has Faith In Chelsea's Young Stars

When it comes to transfers this summer Chelsea are lagging behind the two Manchester clubs, so much so that a very small minority of fans are questioning the clubs new management, but Andre Villas-Boas did say earlier in the summer that he would evaluate all the squad before making any move in the transfer market. 

Villas-Boas held a press conference yesterday where he talked about the possibility of new players arriving at Stamford Bridge. He said, “The players we have shown interest in, (Pastore and Lukaku are two), are young and looking to the future of the club, but you might see similar moves in the future from us.” 

He was also full of praise for the youngsters already at the club, and in particular Daniel Sturridge and Josh McEachran were uppermost in his thoughts. He spoke about Sturridge first and said, “I wouldn’t like to focus on an individual, but I think Daniel deserved above all to come back to this club and have this pre-season with us. This is the group where he belongs and I think he has shown the quality he has at Bolton when he went there. He has a natural ability and amazing physical qualities and I think he is showing what he did at Bolton was enough for him to make a point at Chelsea.”

He also added, “For Daniel, his time at Bolton was an amazing period for him, based on that he got into the England Under-21s for the European Championships. He is a great prospect, I have no doubt about it.”

When asked about whether Sturridge would be sold, or loaned out again this season Villas-Boas said, “We will make a decision soon and we will inform Daniel on his situation, but I think he has shown a lot of his qualities and abilities and he has the capacity to be in this squad.”

Some encouraging words for Sturridge and there were also words of encouragement for Josh McEachran “I spoke to Josh at the start of the season about where he felt best on the pitch. He has the tactical and technical ability to fulfil both defensive and attacking midfield roles.”

The question still remains whether Chelsea will buy this summer, but with Sturridge and McEachran impressing their manager so much does he really need to spend the sums of money that some clubs are banding about. All will be revealed in the next couple of weeks!


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