AVB Knocks The Boo Boys

At half-time yesterday the Chelsea team left the field with some parts of the crowd showing their disapproval with resounding jeers and boos. At the end of the game those jeers were replaced by cheers as Chelsea staged a fightback and maintained their unbeaten start to this season.

It has to be said that the jeers came from a small minority of the crowd and Andre Villas-Boas was not impressed, and he is urging the supporters to back their team at all times and he said, “To go past a season in the Premier League, where you have to win it back, you need the full support of everybody. Everybody must get involved and you must feel the presence of the public in a supporting way.”

He also said, “This team wants to be champions again. The public wants to be champions and demands it. We are listening to their demands and want to perform, but we need their full support all the time.”

Strong words then from the boss, but in football no matter how well your team is performing there will always be a small section that is never happy. Chelsea may not have gone off like an express train this season, but ask Arsene Wenger about the importance of churning out a 2-1 home win.

  1. Alan Frank says

    I would never boo my Chelsea team and would never condone it but AVB must realise that a lot of fans are not with him when it comes to picking out of form players like Kalou. ‘We are listening to their demands’…. poppy cock! If you had been listening to their demands AVB you would not have started with Kalou AGAIN! Why have Anelka or Benayoun on the bench and play Kalou? It just makes no sense at all. Benayoun had a great summer tour, is fit and Torres obviously needs his kind of guile behind him. I’m just looking forward to Danny Sturridge coming back because surely AVB won’t play Kalou ahead of him as well?

  2. POM says

    As most of da time yesterday also Kalou was busy finding himself .. I was shocked when he started 4 the second time with such poor form . Now with the arrival of Mata he’l be a benchwarmer ..

  3. Gary says


  4. Eben says

    Kalou has a problem dat only him knows about, maybe he has also told his best frnd mikel..

  5. seyi'desmondadonis says

    kalou can find his form later..we need to keep benayoun and use him and mceachran..we should also start sturridge,lampard should be benched and used as a sub…AVB kindly grow some hair in ur balls!

  6. villa says

    avb should keep kalou 4 some matches,and play anelka,and keep malouda and play mata.

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