AVB – Of course Spurs can beat Chelsea!

The Tottenham manager Andres Villas-Boas is looking to make history by inflicting Chelsea first defeat to their great London rivals at Stamford Bridge in over 20 years. AVB has seen his team beat the other three teams in the top Four this season, and thinks he can get the full set tonight.

“Of course we have the quality,” AVB said. “I am always confident. We have had an excellent season. We beat all the big teams in the country apart from Chelsea.

“We have an opportunity to go there and put our destiny in our hands. So we have motivation factors and we have the players’ ability that is absolutely outstanding. It’s a great, great fixture to have. The pressure is on every­body. Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are so tight together. Three teams covered by three points at this stage of the season is outstanding.”

Villas-Boas is certain that White Hart Lane is ready to compete in the Champions League, and obviously has one eye on the extra £25 million which would become available to improve the squad even further. “The club is ready, but getting into it is the most difficult thing,” he said.

“The resources that Uefa makes available in the Champions League are not available in the Europa League and I don’t have to speak about the amount of exposure you get from playing in the Champions League. It is the ultimate objective for any club going forward.”

Of course it is Andres, but I’m afraid you will not be getting the three points tonight. Your plans may have to depend on Arsenal slipping on a banana skin, because you will get no mercy from Chelsea tonight!

Come on you Blues!

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  1. Don't sale him out says

    Avb i only pity u bcos if u can conceive two or three in stamford bridge and that wil be beta for you bcos you knw how to brack about and de spirit of losing is in you

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