AVB: Tottenham want revenge on Chelsea as a club – not me!

The new Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas is adamant that he is not looking for revenger on Chelsea, who sacked him midway through last season, but the players themselves should be looking to right the wrongs that Chelsea caused them last season.

Villas-Boas said: “There is one thing which has been to a certain extent blown out of proportion – this is certainly not a personal matter,” “I feel this is much more about Tottenham to its extent, in that it is the team who took this club out of the Champions League; this is the team who prevented this team from playing in the FA Cup final last year.

“I prefer to involve it much more on the club, taking it to an individual situation is not fair on me. First because it means absolutely nothing on end of season and in which position you might finish at the end of the season, and because it is not a quest of an individual, it is a quest of a team, where we want to finish at end of the season.”

I am sure everyone in the Tottenham team and their fans would love to get revenge, and it will be pointed out that Spurs are unbeaten in their last seven home games. I would just like to re-iterate that Spurs last defeat at White Hart Lane Lane was as long ago as last April, but the winners that day were Chelsea by 5 goals to 1. Good luck on that one AVB……

  1. Shittu Abayomi says

    A.V.B 4get tottenhan can’t stop chelsea 4 take three point 2morrow @white heart line stadium

  2. princewill hogan says

    AVB the is no need,search 4 a revenge,bcus if Tottenham want to attact us has the did against man u,the will end up with plenty of goals at the back of their net,this is nt the chelsea of last session,so what i will advise u guys,his to be care n defence well so as to tak a nil home,bcus has u can see Mata is getin better n better and oscar,hazard will come huntin dat defence,den vry wel improve Mikel wil b hard to beat,so they wil be no rum 4 Bale to show is pace,so it gonna b a sad day 4 AVB becus we will beat dem 3 1

  3. Marindoti says

    Tot they will just try their best, but will beat them by 2: 0, God bless chelseafc. Good luck.

  4. Ozovehe says

    supper chelsea in a supper form.

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