Benayoun Offered As Bait Now In Attempt To Land Modric

Just when you thought everything had gone quiet on the Luka Modric to Chelsea front another story comes floating to the surface.

The latest story in today’s Daily Mail says that Chelsea are prepared to offer Spurs Yossi Benayoun as part of any deal for Luka Modric. When you sit down and think about it for a minute it does make some sense as Spurs will be without the injured midfield duo of Steven Pienaar and Sandro for the next couple of months.

One player who will not want Benayoun to leave is Fernando Torres, as according to reports from the pre-season games he has looked at his best when the midfielder has been playing.

Benayoun was injured for nearly all of last season, but now he is back to full fitness he has just started to show signs of the form that resulted in him moving to Stamford Bridge.

Luka Modric is a great player, but is he really that great? Do Chelsea need to sacrifice someone of Benayoun’s quality in exchange for Modric? Everybody will have their own opinion, but the one that matters most is that of manager Andre Villas-Boas. Perhaps AVB sees Modric as the missing piece in the puzzle that is Fernando Torres, but that piece may already be staring him in the face in the shape of Yossi Benayoun.

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  1. onyeka says

    I strongly disagree what nonsense beni 4 MODRIC. this MODRIC hardly score goals. MODRIC is good but not as good as beni pls drop MODRIC and look 4 other players avb. Am starting to loss faith in u.

  2. nabasu emma says

    chelsea shul beta sign modric to patner him wit benayoun, nt 2 sell benayoun or do any deal wit him. Benayoun and modric can make changes to chelsea

  3. nabasu emma says

    chelsea shul beta sign modric to patner him wit benayoun, nt 2 sell benayoun or do any deal wit him. Benayoun and modric can play 2geda

  4. nabasu emma says

    benayoun and modric can play wel 2geda so chelsea shul sign modric 4 any amount coz. Benayoun nd modric are coofirm midfielders

  5. John Monday from otukpo says

    This is the most stupid report i ve read all season. Benayoun when he is fit is better than Modric. AVB just dont try it

    1. Richard says

      If you actually read the report John it says that perhaps Benayoun is the answer to Chelseas problems rater than Modric. Just trying to see things from everybodies point of view.

  6. Ejezie Nzube says

    what sort of deal chelseafc want to do. Let dem splash the money and get modric if he really need him. Let him partner with benayoun not to exchange him. Am fadeup of all dis nonses. Chelsea 4 life

  7. Gabby says

    Chelsea should not try dat nonsense am frustrated with chelsea infact i have loss faith in AVB dat will be the biggest mistake to hell with dat useless deal

  8. Don says

    Modric younger
    Benayoun as injury prone
    Modric is more consistent
    Modric scares opponent and’ll add to our standard.
    Modric can stay in CM for Lampard to attack.


  9. Sulaiman Razaq says

    don’t offer Benayoun please AVB, bcu yossi can perform dis cson. Find another person like kalou or anelka. Up chelsea.

  10. Onakoya Saheed says

    Well i don’t think that is good enough, to me both Beni and Modric can play together, the likes of Lampard and Malouda should give way for Beni and Modric. Looking at the current form of Lamp and Mal, we can see that they her not that fit enough. I light of this i dont want Beni to leave, i want both Benayoun and Modric to play in the Team so that Torres can score goals, this two guys can actually block the loopholes in Torres failure to score goals. we want player that can give accurate passes like Mikel, Benayoun and Modric on the field of play. It will be a very big boost if Modric can come to Chelsea, without Beni Offered as bait; in other words there should be exchange of benayoun fro Modric.

  11. agunloye says

    for me i dont see what modric can play that benayoun can not play he can even play more than modric chelsea should please do not swap or sell benayoun for modric

  12. Wokrit meshach says

    Benayoun has the same quality with modric play the same style, can do ticki taka and are suppose to play and partener each other, but if that will bring modric to chelsea then lets do the deal perhaps benayoun is 31 and modric is 25 still has future. I think that deal is perfect and should be done before the season start. Up chelsea!¡

  13. Emperor says

    This is crazy. Beni for Modric? i totally makes no sense RUBISH!!!

  14. Emperor says

    This is crazy. Benayoun for Modric? i totally makes no sense RUBISH!!!

  15. Oladipupo olajide says

    Please lets think before we do. What i mean is that,can’t we add another player apart from benayoun or we should pay their cash price because,we ll need someone like him later. So lets think it well and may God lead us through it. !!UP CHELSEA!!.

  16. Jacob says

    Just look at the goals Benayoun has scored and created this pre-season. The one against Wycombe Wanderers was one of the best goals EVER! Clearly he creates more goals than Modric and can be quite devastating when at his best and WILL indirectly improve Torres’s form as he has in the past at Liverpool.
    Sometimes I really feel somehow people at Chelsea don’t want Torres to succeed at Chelsea and this would proove it!

  17. James ogbolu says

    Chelsea should not try that nonses.

  18. James ogbolu says

    Chelsea should not try that nonses.bring modric to join Benayoun in chelsea.

  19. John Ndubuisi says

    Pls for the success of chelsea this season,don,t offer yossi for modric it does not make any sense.If modric is the solution to chelsea problem then spend the much was torres bought?Much more modric

  20. Tonna says

    dis will surely be d greatest mistake ever made if allows Beni 2 leave bcos of Modric.I can t understand Chelsea anymore.

  21. Tonna says

    AVB please shine ur eyes,this is ur best chance to bring in more quality midfielder that can help U achieve ur goal in chelseafc.plz make no mistakes.

  22. Frank Amaobi Chukwuka says

    Chelsea is totally not serious in this transfer market. I go with de fact that most of our transfer done-deals will reshape our future. But its very obvious that those kids cannot make a meaningful change in Chelsea this season, so AVB should also remember that an instant progress is required from him else he lose his job. Benayoun, Modric & Mikel will be a good idea. Let Lampard be coming frm bench as Paul Scholes used 2 in Man U.

  23. Adam says

    Benny Romeu Modric chelsea mid-field hopefully

  24. makavel says

    we dont need modric if thats z case plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. kahiro says

    modric is a fantastic player bt we shlould give yossi sometym to gain full fitness.lampard ,anelka a better option in exchange for modric

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