Brazil coach Dunga is "sad" after Holland defeat, and is likely to resign

Holland shocked Brazil as well as the rest of the world by beating the Samba Boys, despite going one goal behind early on in the game. Brazil were so far superior in the first half that it just looked like a matter of time before they scored the second and put the game beyond reach of the Dutch, but suddenly it all changed in the second half.

Dunga said: “We are all extremely saddened. We didn’t expect this and we hoped for a different result.

“We knew it was going to be a very delicate, very difficult game, but we weren’t able to maintain the rhythm we had in the first half in the second half.”

When asked if he thought that he would now step down from the high pressure job, Dunga seemed to indicate that he would be resigning immediately. He said: “We knew when I started that I would be here for four years.

“It’s sad, it’s difficult, nobody prepares to lose.”

Just ask the England team, I think they know exactly what you mean!

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