Bruce Buck – Chelsea will be buying to improve the team

The Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck is confident that Carlo Ancelotti will be making “two or three” signings this summer, and there will also be a few players leaving as they aim to bring down the average age of the squad.

The Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich doesn’t need to go to an on line casino to drum up some cash for a few transfers, and Chelsea may even make a few millions from sales of players too, although most of them will go for free.

“I have said that in every year there is some refreshing of the squad and maybe we can expect three or four in and three or four out,” Buck said.

“But this year I think Carlo has said two or three in and two or three out and he is very satisfied with the current squad.

“We can expect a couple of changes but that is just the nature of football, you can’t have the jigsaw puzzle together and that is it forever.

“Let’s see how the summer pans out. Once we are really clear on the kind of vacancies we may have and what we want to fill, we will decide what kind of player we want.

“Between now and the end of the transfer season there will be a story somewhere that every great player in Europe is coming to Chelsea. We will just have to see how it pans out.”

“The double is something special, very few teams have done it, and certainly in the last seven years this has to be the best season we have had,” Buck continued.

“But we have to keep in mind that this is a season that has had a few ups and downs. The other Premier League titles that we have won in recent history were, from start to finish, pretty straightforward, if you can use that word.

“We were ahead all the time and won those titles in April. It is a lot different from winning it on the last day of the season.”

Yes, Chelsea could have pulled away at the top a few times, but as usual managed to keep the fans on tenterhooks until the last day of the season, but I actually enjoyed it!

Much more fun for the Premier League than going ten points clear and having no competition!

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