Carlo Ancelotti not happy after third defeat in a row for Chelsea

The Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti is hardly going to be happy that his side have now lost all three pre-season games, but is sure that the players fitness and concentration levels are still not up to speed ahead of the new season.

“We are making a lot of mistakes in this moment.” said Ancelotti. “We know we made a mistake, now we have to show more character and more concentration.

“Usually this team is more focused but these are friendly games. For this reason we are losing some concentration.’

“It is a moment that we are making mistakes but in the past this defence has a lot of confidence, so we will come back in the next games and keep our concentration.

“Physically it was not so bad. There are some players in good condition; there are some players who need more time to be fit. After eight days of training it is impossible to be fit.

“The players who came back on 26 July need another two weeks to work. Obviously they can still play in this moment.

“Even if they are not fit they still have a good presence on the pitch, so it is not so important to be 100 per cent fit at the start of the season. They need more time playing and they will do better.

“But I am disappointed because it is not good to lose three games consecutively.

“This is not a good start for us but we hope the next game against Manchester United we will come back to win.”

That seems like a big hope on this performance….

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