Carvalho – We are getting fitter every day!

The Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho believes that the team were unlucky to lose in Frankfurt yesterday, but thinks that the team is working very hard to get their fitness levels up for the start of the new season.

After the match, Carvalho was grabbed and asked how he felt on his return: “Good,” he said. “It has been a hard week with double sessions every day, so it is normal to feel a bit more tired than usual but we are getting fit.

“I think we could play much better but the pitch was a little bit difficult, you could feel it during the game, and we made a mistake with the penalty and they scored, so I think we should have had a draw at least.’

“I am not sure if Frankfurt were fitter, both teams played more or less at the same level, I think we could play better but so could they, and in the end they were a little bit lucky with the penalty,’ he explained.

“For us now the next game is on Wednesday, and I look forward to it and improving my condition, and for the team it is time to get results, to start to win and to play better.”

Starting with Hamburg on Wednesday I hope……..

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